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Re-imagining Rural Church

D.I.Y. web site


Is it wise for a complete web site novice like me to try to make a 'Do It Yourself' web site? 

Well, I'll try anything at least once (well almost)!  'Faint heart never won fair maiden'. etc. etc. ...

The web site mentioned in my last blog entry was a free one month trial that I heard about at the Christian Resources exhibition in Exeter.  The CRE was really very useful and interesting.  I thoroughly recommend it.

Although the web site is very nice, and easy to use, (had to be or I wouldn't have tried it!), I thought that I might try to make a web site of my own.  After all, we are only a small church and need to save money wherever we can. Not to mention the fact that I purchased a web site programme ages ago and never got around to trying it!

If you would care to ess the results of my efforts, the new web site's address is

It has links to other sites that may be of interest and also the church's email address.

Any advice or helpful comments would be gladly received.  Please let me know what you think.

Thanks, Ruth

Second regenerated church gets website

Having made a reasonable job of the Pennymoor church web site, I was able to also make a web site for our other project at Way Village, and New WayV.

To take a look go to

to see the first (Pennymoor) site go to

there are lots of pictures of events and people involved.  Enjoy!