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Re-imagining Rural Church

Regeneration begins.


Way Village Congregational Church, in this small village in the parish of Cruwys Morchard near Tiverton, was first opened in 1847.

In the summer of 2009 the last but one member went to her reward and the remaining member, June Maryan, decided that it was time to do something about the situation.

June put letters through the doors of all the neighbouring houses to the effect, ‘Do you want to see the building sold off to developers, or are you interested in trying to keep it open? Please come to a meeting ..’

Some people made contact to say that they would not be able to attend, but would help out in various ways, and about 12 people attended.

Apart from offers of help with cleaning and maintenance most of those who were really willing to support the Church were musical, which is more than a coincidence since June and her 2 daughters are musical too.

The obvious outcome was to start a music group and put on a concert. This was to be about 5 weeks later.

There was also the suggestion of people exploring the history of the church and surrounding area and putting on an Historical Evening with pictures and maps etc displayed around the chapel.

A village fete was also suggested later in the summer.

The first concert was on 15th July and about 25 people attended and £100 was raised. Everyone said it was wonderful and there should be more concerts.

The second concert was on 26th August and about 30 people attended with another £100 being raised, and further concerts planned.

The fete took place on 12th September and was quite successful considering it was the first attempt. Improvements are planned for the next time.

Web site

You can now see pictures and findout more about Way Village Congregational church on the new web site