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Re-imagining Rural Church

Winter blues and Winter warmers.

Our greatly anticipated(by myself) Community Carols in the pub happened on an evening when I was feeling very ill with a tummy bug I caught from my husband.  I sat at my computer and made up a Christmas quiz which I was able to deliver, but next to that I hadn't the energy for much at all.  Our Chairman Mr Mears led the short service at the Chapel and led the event in the pub, with June Maryan playing the keyboard to keep us in tune.  Thanks to both.

On arrival there were a few people in the bar, but it was not clear if they were there for our event or not.  We set up and waited for people to come in but they didn't, so we just started singing the Carols ourselves, that's when people came through and joined us.  We had the promised Mince pies and Mulled Wine, kindly donated by the Publican, and our Carols and quiz.  I think it went quite well for a first attempt, and I enjoyed meeting new people from the village.  Sadly I don't know how to contact them again, but maybe we will see them around at some point.

The First Sunday in January should have been our next service, but it was cancelled due to the severe snow and ice problems especially encountered in our little villages where gritters never reach and traffic doesn't churn up and melt the snow.  My car did not move for a fortnight.  We had to walk down to the main road for work/college/shopping.

I was most grateful that, through it all, we were safe, warm and fed.