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Re-imagining Rural Church

Encouraging and learning

So far I have been telling what has been happening but it occurs to me that the hows and whys could be worth sharing too.

Due to the fact that my family and I were going away for Easter it was necessary to ask Mr. Mears (and other members in support) to take care of April's Coffee Morning and leading the Easter Service.  To some this may be a problem but in my eyes it is a great opportunity to put into practice a principle which I believe in, and something I had to do when I was ill for our Christmas Carols in the Pub event.

Ministers and leaders should view their pastoral role as being an enabling one.  We should be helping people to grow in every way. 

I don't think that I am the only one capable of leading, or that if I give opportunities to my members they may become a threat to me.  I learn and grow with them and even from them.

I was able to call in on the Coffee Morning as I was leaving for the Midlands and found Mr Mears sitting all alone with his cup of coffee, presumably having been so for the last hour.  Naturally, he was at this point feeling discouraged and asking himself if there was any point in doing this outreach.  I knew exactly how he felt as this has been my experience on very many occasions, but just when you feel like giving up, it seems that God intervenes with a little encouragement.

My husband and I were talking with him about the vision for the Church and improvemnts we intend to make so that we can do better things, and this was really giving him fresh heart for the mission (Please note!) , but then at about 30 second intervals three more people came in.  This was great in itself, but they were people who could help us to connect to the local 'Young Farmers' group and also a group of Bell ringers.

It would be easy to get disheartened and give up, but if we keep up our faith and keep going in the tough times we will get our breakthrough in God's time and way.

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