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Re-imagining Rural Church

Is small really beautiful?

In June We had our friend from Rural Expression with 2 children  join us for our Coffee morning and a couple of other children, so it was not easy to concentrate!  Rather interestingly, both pairs had expected to be the only ones there and to get lots of attention.  They did not want to play together. 

 This makes me wonder whether there are people who like going to very small churches for similar reasons?  Here we all are trying to increase numbers and not thinking that it may drive away the people who need us to be small.

We had a visiting speaker, Ruth Coram, on Sunday and she brought her husband and 2 children, who seemed quite happy to be with us, reading our copies of 'The Book of Hope' and playing with the dart board.  A few other friends joined us, which was good because some of our regulars were on holiday.  It was a very pleasant evening.

On the down side, no-one came to the Wednesday afternoon tea this month.