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Re-imagining Rural Church

Signs of forward movement

January just didn't happen.  The first Sunday fell right at the begining of the month when folks were still celebrating, and I was ill in hospital on the Friday (31st Dec) and again on the Monday.  February was a bit better.  We had one family join us for the Pop-In coffee morning and the usual supporters on Sunday evening.  A Church meeting went well and definite plans for moving things forward have been made.

March saw a couple of local ladies join us for coffee, and for evening worship we were joined by another lady and the gentleman friend of our organist/secretary, who doesn't usaully attend any church.  I hope he was happy enough to join us again. is my top www now!

I have added to my favorites, good work

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Worth looking again

As my last entry said, I've been ill for a while, but things are on the move again so it's worth taking another look