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Re-imagining Rural Church

Becoming An Associate

The Rural Expression website is open on two levels. One is for general access to all, the other is to folk who would like to be part of Rural Expression associates network - this will give greater access to blogs, forum and content contributions, restricted and confidential content where folks can share and discuss their situations and needs with some degree of privacy within the network, and in time to associates days and courses etc.

The Associates network is a network of people who uphold the values of REx, who are committed to living them out in their own situations (whether rural or not) and are interested in journeying and reflecting together and learning from each others experiences. It is a relational network of friends and colleagues in mission rather than structural/binding network.

If you would like to register to become an associates, take part in discussions and submit content to this site please email

We will reply with a few simple questions about your interest in Rural Church and Church planting. Then if we feel it would be beneficial we will issue you with a password to the site.